Why Use Mouthguards?

Dental care definitely has to be an essential part of our cleaning routine. The oral cavity is home to many bacteria that, if not appropriately removed, cause severe damage to the teeth and different parts of the body. People who have gone through trauma or sports, need special care to continue maintaining the optimal health […]

Customer Service In Dental Clinics

Customer service is a fundamental element for any company, mainly for those focused on improving people’s well-being, and it is a relationship that, if properly implemented, allows the person to continue relating to the company. On the contrary, lousy attention will only cause the loss of clients or possible prospects. This is why attention should […]

¿Qué estudios forman parte de la imagenología?

Seguramente alguna vez has escuchado el término “imagenología” y no ha hecho mucho sentido para ti, si ese es el caso te recomendamos que sigas leyendo el siguiente artículo, para que así puedas aprender un poquito más sobre que es la imagenología, y que estudios la conforman.  La imagenología se refiere al conjunto de técnicas […]

Oral Health Education

At present, there are several health problems related to poor education about oral health; few people have the correct knowledge of different factors that involve cleaning the oral cavity. Most people have become accustomed to cleaning their teeth, but there is no mention of the problems associated with improper use of cleaning instruments or the […]

Excess Teeth In The Oral Cavity

The dental structure is composed of 32 permanent dental pieces which are distributed throughout the oral cavity according to their function, to give the person the ability to chew and destroy the food consumed for obtaining nutrients. Each of the teeth has a specific job so one more tooth could alter its functionality and the […]

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

One of the most popular massages within cosmetics is lymphatic drainage; this type of maneuvers are ideal after some plastic surgery Tijuana since it allows draining the accumulation of toxins in the body. What is lymphatic drainage? It is a technique that has been present in society for a long time, and they are certain […]

Have You Ever Heard Of Bite Types?

Well, the bone structure is one of the most important supports of the human body, where the teeth are located and everything that encompasses the oral cavity. When there is an alteration in this area that can affect the masticatory apparatus, such as a deformity or modification, it is medically known as “malocclusion“. For a […]

Aesthetic Corrections In The Nose

One of the most frequently performed aesthetic interventions are those focused on the nose area, causing the percentage of surgeries or treatments to increase annually. There are several causes for which a person undergoes or desires an arrangement in their nose. Many do it to look aesthetically good and many others because of problems in […]