At present, there are several health problems related to poor education about oral health; few people have the correct knowledge of different factors that involve cleaning the oral cavity. Most people have become accustomed to cleaning their teeth, but there is no mention of the problems associated with improper use of cleaning instruments or the importance of continually visiting the dentist.

It is customary to go to the dentist only when there is a significant problem in the patient that is already affecting the appearance of the teeth so that if the person has a disease that is not visually noticeable, can aggravate this fact and is not taking a treatment to eliminate the pathology.

Oral care education should be taught from infancy as it is at this stage of our lives that the strong bases of knowledge are established and later strengthened. Although it may be challenging to develop the culture of dental care in the infant, it is necessary to make the child understand its importance. This teaching can be accompanied by different resources that will fortify their learning, referring especially to using resources such as stories or some activity that motivates the child to carry out cleaning.

And the teaching towards better health in the dental cavity begins with the correct use of the basic cleaning: Toothbrushing.

Although it may be a technique that for many, doesn’t have a higher science, it actually has an unknown method. To begin with, the person must have a notion about the sensitivity of their mouth. If the person is very sensitive, it is necessary to use brushes with soft but firm bristles, this to not aggravate the discomfort. In the case of children, the use of a toothbrush according to their dental structure is most recommended. Brushes aimed at small children are not hard bristles. Once you have the right brush, now you follow the brushing technique.

The movement must be circular on the outside of the teeth, that is, in the visible part, while the internal part (in the area where the chewing is carried out) is with lateral movements. It is important to remember that if the person has a procedure such as brackets tijuana, all movements are from side to side, these movements are performed to not affect the appliances or ligatures.

Dental cleaning is not only based on brushing, but other products are used to ensure sanitation, such as dental floss, mouthwash, and tongue cleaner.

Speaking of instilling the culture of visiting the dentist, parents should teach the child the importance of seeing the dentist. In many cases, children are afraid of this action because they relate the dentist to suffering; this may be due to the instruments they use. For this fear not to exist, the specialist must earn the child’s trust; today, there are many dentists who focus on the children’s area.

Concerning adults, the lack of culture in visiting dental offices is due to the high cost of treatment, but several dentists who offer alternative forms of payment, such as monthly payments of a certain amount of money.

We can observe that the education towards good hygiene begins from infancy, the reason why it is necessary to implement the culture of the hygiene from an early age so that later it is strengthened and thus to avoid diverse illnesses related to inadequate cleaning.