Symptoms that may indicate cancer in the mouth

Although oral cancer is not as frequent in the population, it is essential to take into account some signals that our body sends us to know if we may have this disease. Although they are generally alert, the best option is to consult a dentist in Tijuana so that you can tell if you have this pathology or another disease causes oral problems. That’s why here we’ll leave you some symptoms that you can take into account.

  • One of the most frequent symptoms in people who have this pathology, are the wounds that are located in areas of the oral cavity as it is in the tongue and on the floor of the mouth, although these wounds can spread in areas such as the gums or cheeks, it is not very common to happen. This spread originates when the disease is already in an advanced stage, so treatment is already more complicated. This disease is very complicated to detect, but it is possible to take precautions.
  • If you frequently have problems with ulcers that take time to heal, you may be an urgent alert. Also, those ulcers that bleed regularly can be a perfect symptom to which we must pay full attention. These types of ulcers may look a lot like cold sores, but unlike cold sores, ulcers tend to spread for more than a week. Also, they often present discomforts that it is better to consult with a specialist.
  • When there is the presence of a white layer that tends to pigment the inside of the oral cavity, it is necessary to pay attention to it. This type of abnormality is closely related to precancerous lesions, so if not treated in time, this symptom can cause significant problems that will be more complicated to eradicate. One of the characteristics of this symptom is that at first, they are not painful, but they affect the tissue profoundly. Many times people tend to have numbness in certain areas.
  • Another symptom that can detect the presence of cancer in the mouth is the difficulty people have in moving their tongue and jaw. This symptom is accompanied by severe pain that prevents individuals from swallowing. So, if there are problems related to this point, it is necessary to go immediately to a dentist.
  • Bad breath that may occur in the oral cavity may be a symptom of mouth cancer. Mainly if the lousy breath is frequent, remember that this breath is due to the presence of bacteria that are located on the tongue.
  • Loose teeth can also be a symptom of oral cancer, so if the person has this symptom, it is necessary to determine if it is due to another problem or the disease itself.

What can I do to reduce the risk?

  1. First, we need to avoid nicotine and harmful substances. So if you are a person who smokes continuously, it is necessary to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day, and then quit.
  2. It is necessary to involve in our diet foods such as fruit and vegetables because they contain high levels of nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the oral cavity.
  3. The amount of alcohol we consume should be limited because, if the percentage of consumption is exceeded, tumors may be present.

If there is a fear of preventing cancer in the mouth, it is ideal to go to a dentist to determine if the disease is present or if the symptoms are more related to other types of pathologies.

Why Use Mouthguards?

Dental care definitely has to be an essential part of our cleaning routine. The oral cavity is home to many bacteria that, if not appropriately removed, cause severe damage to the teeth and different parts of the body. People who have gone through trauma or sports, need special care to continue maintaining the optimal health of their oral cavity, especially their teeth.

Dentists in Tijuana recommend the use of mouthguards to avoid injuries in this area of the mouth and especially in the jaw. This type of appliances is made of a flexible plastic material that helps not only to keep the teeth protected but also to keep the person mobile.

What injuries can be avoided by using protectors?

The use of these devices can prevent damage, such as brain hemorrhages, jaw fractures, and neck injuries. This is mainly when the person is in a sport where he can receive blows in these areas that can endanger some function of his body.

Similarly, these devices are recommended for patients who are in some orthodontic treatment because it does not allow contact with soft tissue, thus avoiding bruises, sores, and ulcers. Mainly in parts such as lips and cheeks.

When is it necessary to use protectors?

The use of these devices is recommended when the person may be likely to be in contact with someone else. It is preferable that athletes who are involved in basketball, football, martial arts, or skateboarding use these protectors so they can resist the blows that can be caused by such activities.

Why do some children wear protectors?

The children who use these appliances is because they engage in some sports where it is necessary to protect the teeth. Parents and coaches must understand that the use of these devices is essential so that children cannot have problems at the time of performing these procedures. Similarly, dentists use it for dental treatments.

In the market, there are many types of protectors, so it is necessary to know which is the right one for each person.

Classic protectors: For this type of apparatus, it is not necessary to have an essential preparation. The sizes that can be found are different according to the needs of the teeth. These can be obtained in stores where they sell sporting goods. Because they are not professionals, they are often worn more efficiently, so it is necessary to change them frequently.

Bite Protectors: These are characterized because they have to be boiled in hot water so that the shape of the patient’s teeth can be molded, pressure must be applied so that they really adapt to the structure of the mouth. This type of protector covers the entire oral cavity and in the same way, tends to wear more quickly.

Vacuum Formed: Dentists recommend this type of appliance, so, within the office, the dentist will take an impression of the entire oral cavity and then manufacture the tool according to the needs of the oral cavity. This type of protector covers all the teeth and tends to be more expensive.

Laminates: Provide more benefits than the rest of the protectors because they are thicker, providing more excellent protection to avoid damage or injury to the mouth.


Customer Service In Dental Clinics

Customer service is a fundamental element for any company, mainly for those focused on improving people’s well-being, and it is a relationship that, if properly implemented, allows the person to continue relating to the company. On the contrary, lousy attention will only cause the loss of clients or possible prospects. This is why attention should always be a constant concern for all organizations, especially if you want business growth.

Why is customer service so important?

A dental company not only has the purpose of generating economic income but also has the obligation and responsibility of covering the needs of its patients because it will be these people who will consume their products or services that the clinic is offering. Excellent attention to the public allows to create loyalty and trust towards the brand; in a certain way, a commitment of the patient towards the office is achieved. This is why total attention must be paid to meet the needs to generate satisfaction in people.

To improve public and company relations, it is necessary to implement strategies focused on this category, which is customer service, tools that allow to manage and administer the customer portfolio. Today’s dental companies have greater accessibility to patient information; this in terms of their consumer behavior and everything that is included concerning the transaction they get with the product or service. Many corporations have seen the need to introduce within their organization, technological elements that allow more information to be obtained from monitoring and utilities. In such a way that they can obtain more data concerning the usefulness that the same clients give to what is offered by the company.

If you want to offer better services in terms of the treatments provided within the clinic, such as dental implants Tijuana, the clinics must understand that it is not possible to manage a whole portfolio of customers by a single person or department. The receptionist in charge of being the image of the company, although you can get valuable information, cannot manage in full all the needs or concerns that people have. This is why it seeks to implement tools that facilitate the relationship between the company and the consumer.

All dental companies must understand that today, it is no longer feasible for organizations to focus solely on productivity because today, people seek better treatment from companies to them because they want to be heard, cared for, and taken into account.

Similarly, companies should consider that:

  • The patient is the main thing
  • Suggestions from the public should be taken into account.
  • Promises must be kept, without deceit
  • Granting more than what has been proposed
  • Communication is essential to know people’s desires

By taking patients into account, the clinic will improve its positioning and reputation within the market because it will see the attention and interest that is given to the client. And to achieve this, it is necessary to implement the essential tools to meet the needs of the entire client portfolio.

Now is the Time to Visit Tijuana Dentists – Here are the Main Reasons Why

Your teeth are healthy and perfect, so you don’t have to look for the best Tijuana dentists.

Almost everyone thinks this way every time someone asks them to visit an oral healthcare provider. Unfortunately, the same people only think of searching for a dentist when their tooth has become too painful.

Check out the foremost reasons why now is the best time for you to visit the nearest dental care clinic in your area before worse turns to worst.

Control and Prevention of Oral Diseases

Dentists pay attention to all the things that could possibly result wrong in chronic diseases or something else. They deal with these concerns before they get out of hand. It is recommended that you see a dentist at least once every 3 months. Do not use the excuse that you are busy and instead, make time within those 3 months to pay a visit to your dentist.

Adjustment of Wrong Dentition 

Most people grew up with more teeth than what the mouth can accommodate, and they think of this as something normal even when those excess teeth are already overlapping each other.

Tijuana dentists can help determine the right corrective measures for your teeth to get the proper dentition that you might not have even considered possible before.

Mouth Cleansing and Cleaning

Many people suffer from tartar that formed near their gums and teeth. Tartar is a form of incrustation that accumulates on the gums and teeth. These can harbor all sorts of microorganisms that could affect your oral health later on. Your dentist will be able to notice right away if tartar is present and perform what is known as polishing and scaling to get rid of any trace of tartar before this reaches the worst stage.

Your dentist will also help you get rid of the remnants of food that can hide in between your teeth. These food remnants stuck in between your teeth may include remnants of vegetables, fish, and meat, and these can continue rotting in between your teeth.

Of course, you shouldn’t wait before you suffer from tooth decay and compromise your oral health. Visit your dentist as this is the person who can help you in flossing your teeth using a waxy, sometimes mentholated thread.

Administering Anesthetics or Placing Fillings 

Dental restoration or fillings are used for filling in cavities that result from tooth decay. Your dentist will not extract your tooth after it suffers from tooth decay. Instead, he will check for other possible solutions so you can be relieved of pain at the soonest time possible. 

 He will either place fillings if your tooth isn’t too decayed yet, but during worst-case scenarios, an extraction might be the last option available before the decay affects some other tooth.

Are these all the things dentists can do? Definitely not!

Tijuana dentists also assist diagnosing oral diseases, create treatment plans in restoring or maintaining the patient’s oral health, interpret diagnostic health and x-rays, and monitor the development and growth of jaws and teeth.

¿Qué estudios forman parte de la imagenología?

Seguramente alguna vez has escuchado el término “imagenología” y no ha hecho mucho sentido para ti, si ese es el caso te recomendamos que sigas leyendo el siguiente artículo, para que así puedas aprender un poquito más sobre que es la imagenología, y que estudios la conforman. 

La imagenología se refiere al conjunto de técnicas y procedimientos que permiten obtener imágenes del cuerpo con fines médicos o incluso científicos en algunas ocasiones. Esta también es conocida como imagen médica. Entre los estudios que forman parte de esta se encuentran los estudios de radiología, la termografía médica, la endoscopia, la fotografía médica y la microscopía. La gran maravilla de la imagenología es que da pie a que se obtengan imagenes internas del cuerpo, de sus órganos, sin que exista ningún tipo de necesidad de realizar una incisión o algún otro tipo de procedimiento que consista en abrirlo. La imagenología ha sido posible gracias a todos los avances en la tecnología que ha habido en la actualidad, y se ha logrado avanzar tanto en esta que actualmente muchas personas, si así lo desean, pueden optar por especializarse y así estar mejor calificados para ofrecer un mejor servicio. 

De los estudios más importantes de la imagenología son los de radiología, esta se divide en dos, la radiología diagnóstica y la radiología intervencionista. La primera (radiología diagnóstica) es la que permite que se vean las estructuras internas del cuerpo y mediante estas se puede diagnosticar la causa de los síntomas del paciente, revisar si hay respuesta en el cuerpo ante un tratamiento para una enfermedad, detectar si existen ciertas enfermedades tales como el cáncer. 

Algunos de los exámenes radiológicos de diagnóstico más frecuentemente realizados son: 

  • El ultrasonido 
  • La tomografía por emisión de positrones
  • Las radiografías 
  • La mamografía
  • La resonancia magnética
  • La topografía computarizada

Por otro lado está la radiología intervencionista es la que se utiliza para ayudar a guiar en procedimientos, es decir que estas son útiles para el médico praa diagnosticar o tratar algún tipo de padecimiento en el cuerpo, sin tener que abrirlo, simplemente realizan una pequeña incisión si es necesario, pero no siempre lo es. Algunos ejemplos de este tipo de procedimientos radiológicos son: 

  • Colocación de sonda para alimentación 
  • Embolización de las arterias uterinas 
  • Biopsia de mama 
  • Biopsia por punción 
  • Vertebroplastia 
  • Tratamientos para el cáncer 
  • Angiografía

La radioterapia también es parte de esta y se encarga más del plano terapéutico, su principal función es la emisión de radiaciones ionizantes de alta energía para tratamiento oncológico, el objetivo de esto es destruir las células cancerosas, así que se trata de un tratamiento oncológico que busca evitar que se propaguen este tipo de celulas, destruirlas y también demorar su crecimiento. Un imagenólogo que proporciona este tipo de servicio se encarga de la localización y simulación del tratamiento, este debe de verificar el tratamiento diario para realización adecuada de este y para asegurar así su eficacia, también realizará algunas pruebas de calidad. 

Ahora ya conoces para que puede ser útil la imagenología Tijuana es una de la ciudades donde puedes encontrar este tipo de estudios especializados en caso de que sea necesario que te realices alguno. 

Oral Health Education

At present, there are several health problems related to poor education about oral health; few people have the correct knowledge of different factors that involve cleaning the oral cavity. Most people have become accustomed to cleaning their teeth, but there is no mention of the problems associated with improper use of cleaning instruments or the importance of continually visiting the dentist.

It is customary to go to the dentist only when there is a significant problem in the patient that is already affecting the appearance of the teeth so that if the person has a disease that is not visually noticeable, can aggravate this fact and is not taking a treatment to eliminate the pathology.

Oral care education should be taught from infancy as it is at this stage of our lives that the strong bases of knowledge are established and later strengthened. Although it may be challenging to develop the culture of dental care in the infant, it is necessary to make the child understand its importance. This teaching can be accompanied by different resources that will fortify their learning, referring especially to using resources such as stories or some activity that motivates the child to carry out cleaning.

And the teaching towards better health in the dental cavity begins with the correct use of the basic cleaning: Toothbrushing.

Although it may be a technique that for many, doesn’t have a higher science, it actually has an unknown method. To begin with, the person must have a notion about the sensitivity of their mouth. If the person is very sensitive, it is necessary to use brushes with soft but firm bristles, this to not aggravate the discomfort. In the case of children, the use of a toothbrush according to their dental structure is most recommended. Brushes aimed at small children are not hard bristles. Once you have the right brush, now you follow the brushing technique.

The movement must be circular on the outside of the teeth, that is, in the visible part, while the internal part (in the area where the chewing is carried out) is with lateral movements. It is important to remember that if the person has a procedure such as brackets tijuana, all movements are from side to side, these movements are performed to not affect the appliances or ligatures.

Dental cleaning is not only based on brushing, but other products are used to ensure sanitation, such as dental floss, mouthwash, and tongue cleaner.

Speaking of instilling the culture of visiting the dentist, parents should teach the child the importance of seeing the dentist. In many cases, children are afraid of this action because they relate the dentist to suffering; this may be due to the instruments they use. For this fear not to exist, the specialist must earn the child’s trust; today, there are many dentists who focus on the children’s area.

Concerning adults, the lack of culture in visiting dental offices is due to the high cost of treatment, but several dentists who offer alternative forms of payment, such as monthly payments of a certain amount of money.

We can observe that the education towards good hygiene begins from infancy, the reason why it is necessary to implement the culture of the hygiene from an early age so that later it is strengthened and thus to avoid diverse illnesses related to inadequate cleaning.

Excess Teeth In The Oral Cavity

The dental structure is composed of 32 permanent dental pieces which are distributed throughout the oral cavity according to their function, to give the person the ability to chew and destroy the food consumed for obtaining nutrients. Each of the teeth has a specific job so one more tooth could alter its functionality and the distribution of these.

The appearance of one or more teeth that are not part of the 32, can occur anywhere; there is no ideal space, can be unilateral or bilateral, impacted, or retained. There is not a cause that denotes this pathology, but it is important to understand what can be done to improve this aspect and that does not damage the functionality of the existing ones, and that doesn’t alter the dental aesthetics.

This disorder is mainly associated with genetic and hereditary issues; it usually occurs in patients who have had this problem in their genetic history with one of their distant or close relatives, and it was later randomly distributed to one of the family members.

Likewise, this phenomenon may occur because there is an alteration or deformity in the cells that form the teeth, so they continue to encourage the development of more teeth even though it already completes the tooth structure.

Hyperdontia is classified in:

1) Morphology

2) Number- Which encompasses your location and if any pathology is present, such as a syndrome.

The consequences of excess teeth are several: abnormal eruptions, dental crowding, malpositions, cysts, rhizolysis, among others; so it is considerable to visit an orthodontist in tijuana to thoroughly analyze the case.

In order for the dentist to carry out any treatment, it is recommended that the patient has not foreseen a dental procedure, when there is no severe pathology associated with excess teeth and finally when there are no longer only aesthetic disorders but also present difficulties in the functions of the rest of the teeth.

For treatment to take place that will allow the patient to improve, the dental surgeon will perform procedures to determine how dangerous the situation is. He or she will carefully examine the health of the oral cavity, first with a detailed observation to visualize the number of teeth that have formed or are forming, then a study of the patient’s medical and genetic history to find out the possible causes. A radiographic examination will then be sent to find out how the teeth and their roots come about. The general image will allow better visualization of the state of the buccal cavity.

Hyperdontia can be diagnosed from an early age, so early visits to the dentist are recommended. Since space is reduced by excess teeth, surgery is more complicated, but extraction is necessary. On the other side, the procedure may also be complicated because these teeth may be very continuous, so it will be essential to use special instruments to perform this action. The elimination of excess teeth visually improves the appearance of the tooth structure and helps other teeth to perform their functions correctly.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

One of the most popular massages within cosmetics is lymphatic drainage; this type of maneuvers are ideal after some plastic surgery Tijuana since it allows draining the accumulation of toxins in the body.

What is lymphatic drainage?

It is a technique that has been present in society for a long time, and they are certain maneuvers that the masseur performs to activate the lymphatic circulation, located in the subcutaneous layer. This, with the purpose of improving the elimination of liquids that can be retained in the organism. For this type of maneuvers, it is not necessary to perform so much pressure since the lymph is located very on the surface.

Lymph is known as the liquid composed of liquid mass (unfiltered electrolytes), proteins belonging to the circulatory system, fats from the intestine, remains of dead cells, bacteria, malignant cells and finally cells corresponding to the bloodstream.

Lymphatic massage can be used for different treatments or situations. In the case of surgery, it helps to activate the lymphatic circulation of the area where the operation was performed; this avoids edemas or an accumulation of liquids in the skin, therefore, promotes the cellular regeneration of the skin and tissues. When performing this type of post-operative massage is important to be extremely careful because a false movement can cause discomfort in the person.

Although lymphatic drainage can bring many benefits, it is not always recommended.

  • Infections- This procedure should be avoided at all costs when bacteria are present since by draining the lymph they can expand, making the infection chronic.
  • Heart problems – If not drained correctly, there could be an overload of toxins that can significantly damage the function of the heart.
  • Malignant tumors – The movements used in lymphatic massage can aggravate the presence of cancer cells, leading to metastasis.

It should be avoided in its totality to make this type of massages in diseases such as:

  • Cancer
  • Infections
  • Thrombosis
  • Varicose veins with relief
  • Asthmatic crisis

Although it may sound straightforward to perform this type of massage, people who perform this procedure must know the body perfectly, as well as its points of deposit (ganglia) as all movements will be directed in that direction. The main feature of this treatment is that it does not require force; however, the manipulations involve stretching the skin in each action.

The person who is going to do the treatment must be trained and know the body. When it comes to performing this massage, it is essential to ask the patient about any disease, this in order not to aggravate the pathology.

The surgeon who recommends the application of massages should make a notification so that the clinical spa staff knows the health condition of the patient.

You should go to those sites that have a recognition license because some sudden movement can open up the wound that’s healing. It is necessary for the masseur to have health care, that is, to wear gloves so as not to contaminate the area and to be alert to the patient at all times in case an inconvenience should occur. The advice of a doctor is ideal for this type of procedure.

Have You Ever Heard Of Bite Types?

Well, the bone structure is one of the most important supports of the human body, where the teeth are located and everything that encompasses the oral cavity. When there is an alteration in this area that can affect the masticatory apparatus, such as a deformity or modification, it is medically known as “malocclusion“. For a dentist, it is essential to analyze this type of tool since it will be a necessary key in the diagnosis of the treatment because by explaining the bite a series of possible problems that the patient may present due to this condition can be elaborated. A dental software has the tools to properly track diagnosis of a patient.

The dental structure must have an ideal fit, where the upper teeth must fit with the lower ones, this to protect the tissues and so that they are aesthetically aligned, straight and maintain the desired proportion. Although this is ideal, a large percentage of the population has some type of malocclusion, where the number of this percentage is divided into those malocclusions are severe and with a more specific treatment and later.

These problems can be caused, mainly, by inheritance issues where the dental pattern is repeated in individual members of the family. Other factors that can be produced are the habits acquired from babies; the most common is the constant sucking of the finger that, for a long time, significantly affects the structure of the dental cavity. Similarly, missing teeth can damage the aesthetics and function of the teeth and the entire appliance.

Types of Bites

Overbite- Characterized by the fact that the upper teeth are positioned far in front of the lower teeth, sometimes covering the lower teeth. People with this type of structure tend to have more problems with cavities as there is much more tartar accumulation due to the wrong position of the teeth. Regularly, individuals may have periodontal problems and small traumas inside the oral cavity, mainly in the tissue.

This type of bite is more associated with genetic factors, followed by childhood habits.

The patients who have this dental problem have aesthetic inconveniences and can affect the form of speech. Their treatment is 100% through orthodontics or surgery.

Open bite- An alteration in which it is impossible to close the upper part, i.e., there is no contact between the posterior teeth and the lower anterior teeth. Although visually, the patient may have noticeable problems, it affects more functionality, harming the patient in not being able to perform basic tasks such as chewing or speaking fluently directly.

Open bite is associated with:

  • Childhood problems (biting objects or thumb sucking).
  •  Incorrect tongue postures where teeth are pushed when speaking.
  • Genetic causes.

Like the subbite, this condition can be solved with orthodontics or with some surgery accompanied by other treatment.

Dental crowding- This problem is known to all those dental alterations in which a stacking of teeth is observed due to the lack of space in the oral cavity. The people who present a wrong dental placement is mainly due to hereditary issues because the bone is too small, this causes that there is not enough space, generating the birth of teeth outside the dental line.

In addition to aesthetic problems, patients who present this type of bite tend to have a higher risk of periodontal diseases because cleaning is more complicated and, therefore, there is a more significant accumulation of tartar.

This condition can be solved with orthodontic treatment.

Knowing the type of bite will allow a specific treatment to be carried out to solve aesthetic problems and those that damage the function of the teeth. The rosarito dentist, after analyzing the oral cavity, will begin with a specific treatment that will help the improvement of the teeth.

Aesthetic Corrections In The Nose

One of the most frequently performed aesthetic interventions are those focused on the nose area, causing the percentage of surgeries or treatments to increase annually. There are several causes for which a person undergoes or desires an arrangement in their nose. Many do it to look aesthetically good and many others because of problems in their airways. Whatever the reason, rhinoplasty is among the most popular surgeries.

In many occasions, it is not necessary for the person to undergo a surgical treatment to obtain the results they want but they can resort to the application of fillers, this for 100% cosmetic purposes. Since 1980 it was approved the use of fillers for the lips and nose, that for cosmetic use, where the growing demand for this type of treatment in the area of the nose has allowed not everyone to resort to a more invasive procedure such as surgery.

The filling in the nasal contour, better known as rhinomodeling, is a great option for those whose budget is not as high as for surgery, who fear major procedures and irreversible results. In order for the filling to be optimal, it is important to take into account: the elasticity, the viscosity and the hydrophilicity of the material, essentially to make it resistant, to provide support and to avoid risks of compressing the vessels when the nose is corrected. The ideal filling must be safe, biocompatible and of quality. The percentage that will be used depends on the correction and the assessment previously provided by the doctor, who analyzed the area to know how much volume will be injected.

Although there are about 150 fillers on the market, none of them achieve all the ideal characteristics, but the doctor must be advised and choose which one is right for the patient so that the results look natural and feel soft to the touch. They can be classified in different characteristics:

  1. Collagen
  2. Hyaluronic acid
  3. Biosynthetic polymers

One of the most commonly used fillers is hyaluronic acid. Basically, the injections correct deformities of nasal walls, nasal tip, nasolabial angle, among others.

Another popular and innovative technique in the field of nose jobs tijuana is ultrasonic rhinoplasty. This is based on the implementation of a device that uses ultrasound waves, this allows the cuts to be made without damaging the tissue surrounding the bones, making the procedure safer and more accurate.


The true benefits of this innovative procedure revolutionize rhinoplasty surgery.

  • Less trauma in the manipulation of the area.
  • Ease of bone correction, especially in cases where the bone is fine and fragile.
  • Simple modification in hard, voluptuous or wide nose defects.
  • Rapid recovery, avoiding excess bruising of the skin and swelling of the skin in the area.
  • Better results since the procedure look more natural and there is an improvement in nasal function.

As for the facilities granted by the device to the surgeon, there are essentially two: safety in the procedure, avoiding collateral damage and precision in the performance of the work, mainly when it comes to focusing on the bone.

The two methods mentioned above are very innovative in the medical and aesthetic industry, although fillers or implants have time, lately, they have become a great option. And when it comes to ultrasonic rhinoplasty, it is a technique that offers quite a few advantages over traditional rhinoplasty.

The doctor to perform any treatment should analyze the face to know which method is most convenient for the person and thus get the best results.